Sunday, 10 September 2017

Are you a Candidate for Hip Replacement in Delhi?

The hip is a ball and socket joint which is the largest joint in the human body. It is made up of the acetabulum, a part of the pelvis bone, forming the socket and the femoral head that forms the ball at the upper end of the femur. The surface of the ball and socket is covered with an articular cartilage making a cushion for the joints as it moves.

Orthopaedic in Gurgaon

The age doesn’t matter in most of the cases as any person can experience pain and stiffness in the hip joint due to arthritis, accident, or severe fracture. It is not at all a good way to avoid pain in the hip joints as it can affect the everyday life of a person. Consult an Orthopedic as soon as the problem is observed as the condition may demand the hip replacement in Delhi to make rest of the life painless, active, and comfortable.  Here are the symptoms indicating that you need to visit an Orthopedic in Delhi soon for the consultation.
  • Extreme pain stopping you from walking or bending the joint
  • Cannot relax even while resting during the day or night
  • Stiffness in the hip joint inhibiting from lifting the leg
  • Non-surgical treatments are not working even after taking long-term medications
Further, there are many other diseases and conditions causing a hip injury sufficient enough to warrant a hip replacement in Delhi. If you are also experiencing either of the following conditions, then there are chances that you might be a candidate for the surgery.
  • Arthritis can cause the synovial fluid converted into inflamed one resulting in damaged cartilage. Without the cartilage, the joints of two bones rub together without cushioning causing severe pain while walking, sitting, or doing any regular movements.
  • A condition called avascular necrosis occurs when the supply of the blood to the femoral head is limited due to some injury to the hip such as a dislocation or fracture.
Consulting an Orthopedic can be helpful in freeing the pain and stiffness as the surgeon examines the conditions and recommends the treatment accordingly.


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